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Effat Vision & Mission & Goals
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To emerge as one of the world’s leading academic institutions through the enrichment of knowledge, professional practice and culture. It will inspire leaders of the future to become living ambassadors for the legacy of Queen Effat Al-Thunayan Al-Saud (God rest her soul).
To qualify tomorrow’s competitive leaders with a world-class education by providing an interdisciplinary environment conducive to research, community service, and life-long learning.
  1. To be recognized as the best women’s university in the Kingdom.
  2. Develop a positive organizational climate and maintain a productive work environment.
  3. Gain and maintain national and international accreditation, and ensure that the University is among the top national universities.
  4. Sustain academic excellence and implement the academic programs expansion projects.
  5. Reach the University’s student capacity by 2017 and continue to cultivate excellence in student development.
  6. Continue providing students, faculty and administrative community with state-of-the-art campus resources and facilities.
  7. Complete the construction of the required buildings for the new campus master-plan and optimize the use of the University’s facilities.
  8. Further increase the financial strength and sustainability of the university and continue the fundraising efforts for the construction of the new buildings, scholarships, and research chairs.
  9. Substantially increase the professional development of Effat administrative staff.
  10. Substantially increase research and scholarly output and activities. 
  11. Further develop and strengthen the University's relations and interactions with the community.