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Office of International Affairs
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Effat University’s Office of International Affairs seeks to contribute towards intercultural understanding and tolerance through academic interchanges and exchanges on a people-to-people basis while facilitating Effat University’s path to global acknowledgement as one of the best institutes of higher learning world-wide through a comprehensive network of strategic international partnerships and alliances.
In accordance with the Hadith of the Prophet, “Seek knowledge even if you need to go to China”, our mission is to actively engage in academic interaction and cooperation with all four corners of the globe, and
  • To elevate Effat University’s presence in the international academic community
  • To achieve international acknowledgement for its excellence of teaching, learning & research
  • To be a gateway of knowledge connecting Saudi Arabia with the rest of the world
  • To promote global knowledge and mutual understanding between Saudi Arabia and the international community
Effat University seeks to offer our students a wealth of experience and opportunity during their time at Effat. In keeping with our mission to “educate tomorrow’s leaders to an international standard”, and our vision to produce graduates who “are living ambassadors of the educational and cultural legacy” of our namesake Queen Effat al-Thunayan, Effat University engages in partnerships with institutions and associations both locally and internationally.
These partnerships contribute invaluably to the content of our academic programs, to the student experience at Effat, and promote a culture of diversity and opportunity, empowering our students with the skills and vision to become leaders both locally and globally.


For more information, please contact:
Lisa Zuppe, Director
International Affairs
Phone: 920003331 ext 7799
Fax: +966 12 2137799
P. O. Box 34689
Jeddah 21478
Saudi Arabia