About the Unit

The Quality Assessment and Institutional Research Unit coordinates and conducts activities related to institutional quality assessment and performance measurement.               


Our Services

Implementing data gathering activities, such as running institutional surveys and holding focus groups. The unit also monitors and provides assistance for smaller surveys run by individual units, particularly in processing the data and reporting on the results. This unit coordinates the various activities related to Key Performance Indicators, including:    

  • Assisting units in identifying and defining appropriate KPIS,
  • Coordinating the collection and computation of KPI data,
  • Identifying and establishing partnerships with other institutions for benchmarking purposes,
  • Reporting on KPI data and information for purposes of planning and decision making,
  • Coordinating with the Information and Educational Technology Services (IETS) unit and other units in the use of the University’s Banner system for data storage and processing,
  • Developing and monitoring the electronic system for collection, computation and dissemination of KPI data,
  • Ensuring that data is adequately maintained and regularly updated.

In addition, the unit participates in communicating key university information to the general public, such as through university’s website and in the forthcoming University Fact Book. The unit also develops and conducts education and training programs related to KPIs and institutional research.