Quality assurance is systematic, objective, expert-based examination, evaluation and self-evaluation of how effectively a university/faculty/department/program is working, as part of the ongoing monitoring of higher levels of achievement and quality in the university, for action planning and continuous improvement.
The Deanship of Quality Assurance addresses numerous aspects and factors that deal with the academic and administrative processes at Effat University. It seeks to ensure that the institution meets the Standards of Excellence for Higher Education Institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (as set out by the NCAAA) as well as the highest international standards of world-class educational institutions. The unit promotes the use of best practices in all academic and administrative functions of the university, with thorough documentation, use of both qualitative and quantitative performance measures and benchmarking, in a process of continuous quality improvement.
Through the creation and cultivation of a culture of continuous quality improvement within Effat University, the vision of the Quality Assurance Deanship is to be a center of excellence that propels Effat University toward the attainment of excellence at the institutional and departmental levels, positioning it locally, regionally and globally as a leading institution of higher learning in Saudi Arabia and among the best in the region and the world.
The mission of the Quality Assurance Deanship is to create and cultivate a culture of excellence and continuous quality improvement at Effat University, and to guide the institution through the processes of regional and international accreditation at both programmatic and institutional levels. 

Deanship of Quality Assurance Goals (2012-2017)

  1. Create and maintain an effective website for the Deanship which is comprehensive, informative, useful and up-to-date, and which supports the University’s efforts to maintain transparency, integrity and effective community engagement.
  2. Establish and maintain an efficient and effective Quality Assurance system.
  3. Enable the University to attain national and international accreditation at both program and institutional levels and achieve a good standing for Effat University in respect to national and international ranking.
  4. Ensure that learning and teaching in all academic programs (new and old) are of excellent quality.
  5. Implement policies and procedures to evaluate the success of the University in achieving its mission and moving towards its vision through its students and graduates, from the time they join the University and onwards.
  6. Develop and implement clear criteria and procedures to evaluate the quality of campus learning resources.
  7. Develop and implement clear criteria and procedures to evaluate the quality of campus facilities, and to align these with best practices.
  8. Offer QA consultancy services to other institutions to help in getting funds for EU and optimize the management of the DQA budget.
  9. Develop and implement an effective training program (using internal and external resources) that will support the University in achieving high levels of excellence and maintaining the culture of continuous quality improvement.
  10. Undertake QA related research, and coordinate with RCI to evaluate the achievement of the Effat Mission through research.
  11. Establish relations with professional organizations and academic institutions for benchmarking, for professional growth and to enhance the University’s reputation as a quality leader both nationally and internationally, and coordinate with EECSI to evaluate the achievement of the Effat Mission through community engagement.
Goals Revised April 2013