About Information System Department
Much of the success of modern-day business depends on information and how it is used. Time, availability, consistency, accuracy, and completeness of information have become critical success factors for many different business enterprises.
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Information Systems (IS) learn both the technology and the managerial aspects of information systems, to contribute and play meaningful roles in the organizations they will work for.
The objective of the IS program in Effat University is to prepare students of all majors and at all levels to be able to effectively use Information Technology in their future careers and lives.
Focusing on various business management concepts, studnets will gain the skills needed to use both information systems and information technology in organizations such as educational institutions, banks, libraries, hospitals, business enterprises, and governmental agencies.
The program has two concentrations:
  • Information Security (ISEC) - Prepares the students with the skills to investigate the vulnerability of hardware and software as well as the financial and managerial implications of protecting information in organizations.
  • Enterprise Systems and Data Management (ESDM) - Prepares the students with the skills to organize the information to be accessible efficiently and the skills to manage issues related to data in enterprise systems.

Students can also choose to complete their degree with no concentration.

The Information Systems Program envisions a globally competitive Arab World whose citizens are empowered by information. The IS program vision is to support the local business community and economy by supplying the local job market with highly qualified graduates who make optimum knowledge possible.
The mission of the Information Systems B.Sc. Program at Effat University is to offer a holistic education which conforms to international standards and provides a path for women to excel in the information systems career and to pursue advanced graduate studies in information systems and related disciplines. The IS program strives to prepare female students to enter the local and international market with highly competent technical and leadership skills to create, deliver, and manage information technologies in an ethically and socially responsible manner.


What are the Entry Requirements?
We welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Typically, though, we will look for the following qualifications (or equivalent):
  • 520 TOEFL and 5 TWE, 6 IELTS, or their equivelant
  • High School precentage 75%, or its equivelant
  •  MOE) requirements (Qeyas) = 65% or its equivelant (SAT)
  •  Descriptive Test for Mathematical Skills (DTMS)
  • Good conduct
  • Pass interview