About Visual and Digital Production:
There is a growing need for female with a strong educational background in new media. The Department of Visual and Digital Production (VPD) at Effat University offers an excellent Bachelor degree in this major. Students in the VDP program will be introduced to topics important to the Visual and Digital Production, in this creatively focused course there are a combination of film, visual effects and media with user interactivity in a variety of contexts, including short films, animations and post-production, including visual and audio effects, digital interfaces, game design, interactive toys and mobile content, as well as technically focused subject areas such as programming, databases.
This flexibility means that you can develop as a filmmaker, designer and/or a technical developer and gain not only the creative skills required, but also the practical knowledge to ensure your employability in the creativity sector. The VDP curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills they will need to develop not only academically, but also professionally.



The Visual and Digital Production Program is committed to providing students with a quality education at the international standards of the profession. The program offers research opportunities to students and faculty to develop their professional skills through creativity, digital production, and contribution to the community development.



The VDP Department offers four tracks:
  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Screenwriting
  • Interactive Media
  • Video Production (VDPN)
The Video Production track focuses on still images, video and sound for cinematic and televisual expressions; as well as newer forms of web-based and mobile storytelling.
  • Animation (VDPA)
The Animation track explores the art of animation (traditional and digital techniques), with emphasis on the diverse roles of animation in the larger digital media ecosystem.
  • Screenwriting (VDPS)
The Screenwriting track explores modes of expressing ideas in script form and investigates foundational formats (narrative, documentary and television drama), as well as emerging ones such as short-form storytelling for mobile devices and transmedia storytelling.
  • Interactive Media (VDPI)
The Interactive Media track explores the creative and critical potential of media forms that invite user interaction, including game design.