The vision of the HRM Program is to become a world-class program that contributes to the growth of HR management and research nationally and internationally at different levels. It aims to provide knowledge and skills for the coming generation of leaders in the HR field.



The Mission of the HRM Program is to become the program of choice for students and the community by teaching high quality HR management education and nurturing HR leaders by developing their professional, personal competencies, and enhancing their commitment to quality, ethical behavior, and social responsibilities, then to contribute to the augmentation HR profession nationally and internationally through high quality research.



The Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management (BSc in HRM) provides an in-depth study of the major concepts and tools in the theory and application of modern human resources techniques. Students will acquire knowledge and skills covering a range of human resources management functions including hiring and staffing, training and development, performance appraisal, and reward management. Emphasis will be placed on issues unique to the Middle East. The impact of globalization and information technology on the human resources field will also be addressed. At the Department of Human Resources Management, faculty members endeavor to nurture a supportive environment for learning and select cognitive techniques that challenge students to take an active and interactive role in the educational process. Leading international undergraduate business programs share the goal of a holistic education. This demands that the educational experience not only prepare students for their first job, but also for a full career and to make significant contributions to their families and society.