Operations and Information Management is about getting things done right with high quality in minimum time and with as little waste and expense. Superior management of the operations function is vital in all types of businesses today due to the increasing demand for successful project management, continuous business process improvement, better quality, better customer service, and intense time-based competition.

The Operations and Information Management program provides an in-depth study of the major concepts and tools in the theory and application of 
modern Operations and Information Management techniques such as project management, quality management, forecasting techniques, service and product design, supply chain management and logistics.

Graduates in the field have a wide variety of opportunities to work (or to own a business) across the manufacturing and service industries, in the private and public sector such as health care, aerospace, retail, petrochemicals, banks, insurance, fast moving goods, technology, etc.  This is why, through the program’s interdisciplinary curriculum, students will develop skills and gain knowledge mainly  in the field of Operations and Information management but also in liberal arts and the other business functions such as human resource management, marketing and finance.


We aspire to be an internationally recognized and revered program that nurtures highly qualified women in the Operations and Information Management field


The Department of Operations and Information Management aims at developing competence in operations and information management for female students and at graduating proficient individuals who could contribute effectively to local Saudi and international organizations through the use of state of the art Information and Operation Management techniques. The department is therefore committed to continuously improving the quality of the program and to encouraging applied research activities which support the growth of the community while respecting its ethical values. 


Contact information
Department Chair: Dr. Mohammed Baymout
Tel: 920003331 Ext 7814
Academic Assistant: Ms. Raneem Bajunaid
Tel: Tel: 920003331 Ext 7811
Fax +966126377447
PO Box 34689 Jeddah
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