Our Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology stands out as a beacon for those seeking an alternative to traditional psychology. As part of a bi-dimensional degree that’s research and community work-based, we incorporate a range of transferable skills to help you with future employment prospects, as well as curricular and extracurricular activities, teaching approaches and methodologies that will emphasize your personal, academic and professional growth.
Concentration Areas
You’ll have the opportunity to focus on two applied areas: Clinical Psychology and Organizational Behavior Psychology.
Clinical Psychology
  • How clinical practice aims to promote the wellbeing and personal development of individuals diagnosed with mentally-based distress or dysfunction.
  • The classic and recent research findings in a range of essential topics, such as Abnormal Behavior, Psychological Assessment and Psychotherapy.
  • A variety of therapeutic treatments and techniques used by Clinical Psychologists to promote the healthy personal and interpersonal functioning of mentally distressed people.
  • Practical training by way of an internship in an applied clinical setting (e.g. hospital and clinical practices) performed under the joint supervision of a site supervisor from the placement site and one of our Psychology faculty members.
  • The Clinical Psychology Internship – involving practical training in an applied clinical setting (e.g. hospital and clinical practices).
Organizational Behavior Psychology
  • In-depth knowledge of how psychology is relevant to the performance of professional organizations.
  • Classic and current theoretical and research findings in topics related to Organizational Behavior Psychology, such as Business Psychology, Human Resource Management, Psychology of Leadership and Management, Media Relations and Human Performance.
  • Practical training in work settings (e.g. companies and business sectors and other work environments) performed under the joint supervision of an on-site supervisor from the placement site and one of our Psychology faculty members.


    Carnegie Mellon University
    The Psychology Department at Effat University is an academic partner of the Psychology Department at Carnegie Mellon University. The academic agreement aims to strengthen the ties between the two departments, and to bring Effat Psychology program to the forefront of international institutions offering a B.Sc. degree in Psychology.
    Carnegie mellon University is number 49 in the QS World University Rankings .