The Effat English Academy (EEA) is responsible for the running of the Foundation Year Program (FYP), in Effat University. The FYP was designed to:
1.      Bridge the gap between secondary school education and university education.
2.      Enhance the language skills of the students graduating from high school.
3.      Follow the recommendations of the Deans of Effat University Colleges to furnish the students with basic knowledge of their respective intended majors.
4.      To satisfy the resolution of the students of not tolerating more than one academic year as pre-college preparation.
5.      Develop the academic structure of the EEA.
6.      Respect the condition laid down by MOHE for the EEA students to be granted scholarships.
7.      Follow the recommendations of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Vice-Rectors of Saudi Universities for Academic and Educational Affairs held Riyadh during the period 30-31 March, 2010.
8.      Follow the structure of many Saudi and international foundation year pre-college programs.
9.      Abide by the agreement of the members of the DADSS Council recorded in the minutes from October 2010 DADSS meeting emphasizing the necessity for a new EEA plan to be realistic in preparing students to meet the requirements of studying at college level.
10.  Follow the pedagogical philosophy of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), the umbrella term describing both learning a content subject such as physics or mathematics through the medium of a foreign language and learning a foreign language by studying a content-based subject.
Vision & Mission:
Effat English Academy Vision
Effat English Academy aims to be a leading center of excellence in teaching English as a foreign language by improving students’ English linguistic competence and introducing them to the domains of knowledge in their chosen fields of specialization. EEA is committed to the academic, professional, and social development of its students.
Effat English Academy Mission
The mission of Effat English Academy (EEA) is to offer high quality English language as well as academic preparation courses that bridge the gap between secondary education and higher education, through its commitment to facilitate for learners the process of adapting to the dynamic educational environment at Effat University, as well as placing them on the threshold of becoming Effat University ambassadors.